Power 5 Football is a one stop shop off-season training program, helping high school athletes prepare for all areas of the college evaluation process. Our program will help you go into a college 1-day camp with confidence and be well prepared to perform your best. 

Our off-season program for high school and youth football players offer the following:

  • Explosive Performance Training – Improving speed, quickness, and strength is the most important part of an off-season program. Every college coach wants explosive speed out of the athletes they recruit. (Athlete’s Edge – 25-Year track record)
  • Football Combine Stations – Learn proven techniques to test well and dominate a college 1-day camp. Do you know the 7 steps to run your fastest 40 Time? We do and we will teach you how to run your fastest 40 Time, shuttle, and 3-cone drill. 
  • Football Fundamentals – Become a polished player at the position you play
  • 7v7 Regional Football Team – Compete in 3-4 Regional Tournaments for maximum exposure
  • Recruiting – We help educate you on the process and develop an individual Game Plan to improve your recruiting situation. No one in the state has a better track record of helping high school athletes get scholarships. (George Yarberry Since 1998)


Important Off-Season information and facts.

If your off-season training program only focuses on 7v7 or positional training only, you will not maximize your individual potential and perform your best at a college 1-day camp. This will limit scholarship potential and cost you more money down the road.

Every college 1-day camp starts off by doing football combine testing. If you don’t test well in the combine stations, it is the quickest way to get scratched off the recruiting board of a college coach, even if you are an All-State player. Most local off-season programs don’t offer it and players go to college camps unprepared and leave with no offers.

Our #1 goal is to make each football player a more explosive athlete and dominate the combine testing stations. If you train with us, you will give yourself the best chance to earn a football scholarship. 


Explosive Performance Training that helps an athlete dominate a college 1-day camp & translates to the football field. The most important part to every prospects off-season training program, but offered by most organizations.


High School Group Training is for 8th grade to 12th Grade football players looking to improve their technique and fundamentals. Training is on Saturdays for 2 hours. Learn tips and pointers to take your game to the next level. Competition drills and 1-on-1’s. We will help you prepare to dominate the College 1-Day camps.


Youth Football Training is for 1st grade to 7th Grade football players. They will learn basic techniques, fundamentals, and understanding of the game. Competition drills and 1-on-1’s. The kids will get introduced to performance speed and agility training. This is a 2-hour group training on Saturdays.


Our quarterbacks are individually evaluated with emphasis on building upon specific strengths and uncovering areas of improvement. Fine tune your throwing mechanics, footwork, and decision making skills.


Every football coach in the country knows the value of having good Offensive and Defensive linemen. All linemen will learn basic fundamentals to improve their overall performance.


Power 5 Football will compete in 3-4 Regional 7v7 Tournaments. These tournaments are where you get the most exposure to national media outlets, including 247Sports, Rivals.com, and ESPN.


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