Every year thousands of qualified high school student athletes are overlooked or denied the opportunity to compete at the next level. The best players don’t always get the best offers. It is extremely important to have the right recruiting game plan for your individual situation.

Since 1998, I have assisted 100’s of families navigate the recruiting process to increase their chances of earning an athletic scholarship. We offer expert advice and help creating an action plan that provides student-athletes with the necessary guidance and help to secure an athletic scholarship.

Learn from the Best! 22 Years Experience Helping Athletes Get to the Next Level.


My presentation will help athletes and parents learn more about the college football recruiting process. I will show them how to create a realistic game plan from freshman year all the way to Signing Day. Each workshop is an hour long with a Q&A at the end.

  • Landscape of College Football
  • NCAA Eligibilty Rules/Clearinghouse
  • Athlete Evaluation Checklist
  • Why Video is the most important part of the Recruiting Process
  • 4 Ways to Build Rapport with College Coaches
  • Developing an Individual Game Plan
  • How to Manage the Process
  • Offseason Training
  • How to choose the best college camps to attend in June/July
  • Recruiting Etiquette
  • Help Building Your Bio Sheet and Resume
  • Help Writing An Introduction letter to a college coach
  • And More............